Multiple Aspects of Civil Engineering

We have widely respected capabilities in both public and private sector infrastructure planning, design, and construction management.


An essential aspect of every ICON project and goal of forward thinking clients, ICON's planning services include Stormwater Master Plans, Outfall Systems Plans, Benefit Cost Analysis, Flood Insurance Studies, and Geospatial Consultation Services.


ICON works with our clients through every step of the planning process to produce detailed solutions to complex engineering problems. Our design expertise extends to Stormwater Management, Civil Sites, Trails and Roadways, Flood Hazard Delineation, and many other civil engineering services.


From planning to design and into construction, ICON project management is integrated into the solution. We provide a full suite of project management solutions, including On-Site Construction Management Services, Stakeholder Coordination, and creation of interactive Public Outreach tools.

Current Projects

North Greeley and Downtown Master Plan

Greeley Stormwater Master Plan

Dry Gulch Outfall Systems Plan Update

Dry Gulch Outfall Systems Plan Update


Little Dry Creek Update

13 Nov 2014

The Town of Cherry Hills Village and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District collaborated on this maintenance project to address bank erosion through Woodie Hollow Park. This master planned reach of Little Dry Creek is located just downstream of a previous bank stabilization project. Unrestricted flows out of the stabilized channel, combined with high velocity flows from a tributary storm sewer outfall, directed hydraulic energy into the unprotected north bank of Little Dry Creek and began undercutting trees. The resulting meander into the south bank threatened stability of a sanitary sewer manhole and soft surface park trail.

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